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Sunday's Schedule
12:00AM Producciones Superlativas
1:00AM Off The Air
7:00AM Expand Your Mind
8:00AM The Fade Out
9:00AM Strobe Light on a Funky Beat
10:00AM Guilty Pleasures
11:00AM The Gentleman's Hour
12:00PM Noise Pollution
1:00PM Schmeesus, Michah Magdalene, and the Holy Grace
2:00PM High End / Low End
3:00PM Planet of Sound
4:00PM Radio Karamea
5:00PM Lanterns
6:00PM It's Just Music
7:00PM The Bean's Fiends
8:00PM Worst Comes to Worst
9:00PM H.A.M. Jamz
10:00PM The Variety Hour With Frzpbz
11:00PM The Love Hour
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