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The All-American GrillAndrew Yates, Mike Rosato
The Bean's FiendsFumi Asaga,Trey Milam
The Blue Ivy ShowNell Goddard,Mac Mahoney
The British Adventures of Marta and TigerchildMaria Hewko,Kaye Kagaoan
The Chocolate Factorytheo Altman,Nate Lanman
The Dancing Cat!Michael Pellicane,Brennan Smith
The Democratic ResistanceBen Ligas,Clark Louie
The Department of InformationJake London
The Fade OutEunice Lee
The FoodNick Geisler
The Gentleman's HourDylan Jackson,Jacob Wagner
The GreysideMichael Arroyo,Maggie Haag,Victoria Harbour
The LibraryClaire Gavin,Rebekah McPheeters
The Love HourSadiq Abubakar,Thomas Figueroa,Bradley Gifford,Peter Kazickers
The RoadtripCole Trager,Hannah Wagner
The Tape DeckJoe Coons
The UndergroundAlex Bicks
The Variety Hour With FrzpbzAmanda Thorman
The Weekly NerdElliot Greenham,Robert Huben,Danial Schanck
The WoodlandsClaire Barton,Will Rusche
The WringerPete Bianco
Tumbao HispanoAmericanoAlejandra Olarte
Tune In to Tune OutBrian Evans,Allie Goodman
Two Honeys With GlassesMaggie Haag,Alison Ritacco

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